Elden Ring Guide: Ranni’s Quest, Nokstella Eternal City, Lake of Rot, Moonlight Altar

To complete the Carian Study Hall location in Elden Ring, you must meet Ranni the Witch and agree to work for her.

If you’ve ever been to the Carian Study Hall in Elden Ring, you’ll probably have noticed that there’s more to this dungeon than meets the eye. Before you can complete it, you must first encounter Ranni the Witch and agree to work for her.

Elden Ring: How to find the three sisters

Working for Ranni involves finding his tower in northwest Liurnia. You must have beaten Radahn in Caelid and passed through Caria Manor defeating Royal Knight Loretta. Beyond that are the Three Sisters, Ranni’s rise among them.

Elden Ring: How to find the Eternal City of Nokron

With Starscourge Radahn defeated, head to the outskirts of Mistwood and you’ll see evidence of the comet falling from the sky. Go down and you will come to Nokron Eternal City.

Keep going and there will be a fight against a mimic version of yourself spawned by the Mimic Tear Boss. Beyond, keep left for a grace. A quick trip through the buildings and you’re in Night’s Sacred Ground.

Blob’s lives are over, you’ll be able to use a Stonesward Key to enter a dungeon with the Mimic Tear Ashes, a ridiculously powerful summon. In the next area, there’s a living rock to defeat before it rolls you flat.

Beneath the statue of the dead creature is a chamber containing the Fingerslayer Blade – which is what Ranni wants. Take it back to her and she’ll give you the Inverted Statue of Carian.

Elden Ring: Carian Study Hall

If you haven’t been, Carian Study Room is on the east climb of Liurnia. You must approach from the north to be able to enter. Before using the Carian Inverted Statue, eliminate Preceptor Miriam and her ghost friends from the main hall. She’s a fast woman who will continually back up, so use smart ranged spells or good sprints to give her the trick.

In front of her is a Carian Glintstone staff and Magic Downpour sorcery as well as a cerulean seed talisman in the rafters. Once you’re done, return to the start of the area.

Elden Ring: Carian Study Hall (Inverted)

Place the Carian Inverted Statue on the pedestal and the whole dungeon will be knocked down. Miriam is back for round two, reverse boogaloo. Jump in the elevator, cross the space, deal with the inhabitants with closed fists. Miriam will make a name for herself on the next platform, so make do with her.

As you progress, you’ll eventually come to another elevator, which was hanging from the ceiling in the non-inverted version of the tower. Welcome to the Divine Tower of Liurnia.

A Godskin Noble is here, and if you haven’t fought them before, it’s probably a little scary. Use your horse and you can overtake him quite easily. You will get the full Godskin Noble armor once he is defeated. Beyond him is Liurnia’s Divine Tower proper containing the intelligence prop Stargazer’s Heirloom and the Curse of Death.

Elden Ring: What is the Death Curse?

Back at the Three Sisters, Ranni is gone but now you can enter Renna’s Rise. Inside are the Snow Witch armor and a teleport point to a new area of ​​the Ainsel River Well and the Ranni miniature item next to a coffin. Mini Ranni will talk to you at the nearby Grace site after repeatedly pushing her with the new menu option while resting.

She’ll guide you through the rest of the dungeon, giving you information on every Grace along the way and pointing you to an invader called Baleful Shadow. Defeat him and get the Forsaken Palace Key, which lets you open the chest in Rennala’s room in Liurnia, containing yet another key item, the Black Moon Ring. Before leaving again, go down the elevator and unlock the lake of rot.

Elden Ring: Lake of Rot

Welcome to Hell, Elden Ring style. It’s not as bad as it looks, especially with a few boluses or the miracle Flame, Cleanse Me. Take a look at the pressure plates to elevate the platforms that make travel easier. There are also various optional enemies, a full boss, and plenty of sitting items.

Once you reach the Grand Cloister, you are in the next area. It’s a nasty place (Elden Ring!) but you try to go all the way – sprint or fight, your choice. Here, there’s a coffin to climb into for a quick port to another boss.

Elden Ring: Astel Naturalborn of the Void

Here lies Astel, born naturally from the void. He’s not too bad depending on your level and how you feel about fighting massive enemies in Elden Ring. Your favorite ranged combat spirit or just a good plan will see you through. Victory nets you the Remembrance of the Naturalborn, which you can redeem at the Round Table for Ash of War: Waves of Darkness or the Bastard’s Stars Bane.

Hey, guess what you didn’t – there’s another new domain on the way.

Elden Ring: Moonlight Altar

Natural beauty aside, Glintstone Dragon Adula will make you a meal if you’re not a dragon fighting expert at this point, but you have your horse and charge attacks, we believe in you. Beyond him, and apart from the various other enemies in the area, is the Cathedral of Manus Celes. Inside is a large Ranni doll that will give you an ending unlock when she interacts with it. There’s also one of the legendary weapons, the Black Moon Greatsword, nearby.

Finally, back in Ranni’s Rise, there’s a new mini-boss to fight. Sad.

Written by Ben Barrett on behalf of GL HF.

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