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HyperX Clutch Review: A reliable wireless gamepad for Android and PC – Ausdroid

Earlier this year at CES 2022, HyperX launched its first-ever gamepad for Android, the HyperX Clutch. The controller is designed to be used with Android device and Windows PC. In this review, I will go over all the information you need when considering this gadget for a better gaming experience.

HyperX Clutch comes with an Xbox style and layout that suits me perfectly. It feels very firm and comfortable when gripped in my hands. I’m pretty sure the textured handles did the trick to ensure a firm grip. The last Android controller I tried was a Razer Kishi which costs almost double the HyperX Clutch. Am I going to say it? Yes, the previous one was terrible. In my experience, none of the issues I encountered with Kishi occur on HyperX Clutch. There is a very good first impression of HyperX Clutch. Buttons are crispy, not mushy; triggers are resilient, non-irritating; The D-pad is responsive, not spongy.

At the bottom of the controller there is a switch for three different connection modes – USB, wireless (via dongle) and Bluetooth. If you plan to use Clutch on PC, I recommend using the first two options to achieve minimal latency. There is a USB-C port on the clutch for charging. A 3 meter USB cable is included in the box, which should be long enough if you decide to go with a wired connection. It’s worth noting that the outer ring of the joysticks buttons also have a textured design – my left thumb enjoys incredibly stable control over the joystick all the time. This mobile controller is boosted by a 600mAh battery. According to HyperX, gamers will be able to enjoy 19 hours of continuous gaming on a full charge. During my test, I was never interrupted by a low battery. Additionally, there are four dedicated LEDs in the center of the front panel to indicate the current battery level.

The build quality is solid. Usually I wouldn’t be surprised to hear a clicking noise in the controllers, especially when done by a third party. I use this controller for about one to two hours a day, mostly with my Android mobile and tablet. In my experience, all buttons and triggers register correctly and never miss an input. The game I play the most is Dead Cells. This game can get incredibly difficult when playing on Nightmare or Expert level, which also puts a strain on the controller. I had no issues playing Dead Cells with Clutch. All in-game character movements performed as expected with no controller-caused manipulation errors.


HyperX Clutch works perfectly on Android, whether on a mobile phone or a tablet. For convenience, I mostly use a Bluetooth connection. I tested with a Type-C and 2.4GHz cable just to confirm that all connection modes work for Android, and the result was satisfactory. I won’t repeat how much I love Dead Cells, but this controller works really well with platformers. Blizzard recently (and finally) made Diablo Immortal available on Android, iOS and Windows, creating a perfect opportunity for testing this controller.

On my Android device, I placed the mobile on the clip-on phone holder attached to the controller. I don’t use this add-on very often due to the less than ideal comfort caused by the uneven weight distribution, especially after long use. Interestingly, unlike other brands, HyperX has added a touch of creativity to the phone clip and you can detach the clip from the controller and use it as a normal phone holder. This little innovation impressed me as it improves the overall gaming experience due to less weight on the hands. Diablo Immortal’s gameplay with HyperX Clutch was satisfying and worked like a charm as expected. The same game was also tested with Clutch on Windows. Unsurprisingly, I was able to enjoy the game without issue.

I’m a huge fan of retro games, all Android devices I’ve owned have emulators installed. After hours of playing on PPSSPP, DraStic, John NESS, and Pizza Boy GBA, I can say this controller ticks all the boxes on my list.

the Windows

Under Windows, I always kept it connected via the USB dongle, just to distinguish the different scenarios of use and to save time on the pairing in Bluetooth. I’ve done extensive testing on games like Dark Souls, Genshin Impact, Life is Strange, Control, Diablo Immortal, and Rise of the Tomb Raider. HyperX Clutch is supported directly by these games without using Steam. Setup remains the same as the Xbox controller and requires no additional steps unless you want to change the button layout to suit your preferences. However, you may find that the controller becomes unresponsive after changing the connection type. For example, the Clutch is connected to my mobile via Bluetooth and I want to use it on Windows. So I switched to dongle mode and the controller vibrated, indicating that it successfully detected the dongle on my PC. I can see that Windows recognizes it in Bluetooth devices, however, there’s a chance it won’t work at all in games. I’m not sure if this is the expected behavior, but the quick workaround is to press the “home” button on the controller for a few seconds to turn it off and press it again to turn it back on. From there, everything goes back to normal. I don’t think it will bother the user unless they constantly switch between Android and Windows.

The HyperX Clutch game controller is priced at $79 in Australia. In my opinion, this is very competitively priced and you can hardly find a similar product that offers the same range of features as a reputable brand. As I mentioned earlier, I paid over $120 a while ago for a Razer Kishi mobile controller for Android, and I don’t think it’s any better than the Clutch controller, not to mention the latter is available at a friendlier price. Moreover, Clutch supports Windows games while it is absent from the other. It’s like you only paid for a medium size popcorn, but instead they gave you an extra large combo.

HyperX Clutch is overall a great wireless gaming controller. It’s very hard for me to fault it, especially at this price. This is a decent controller that works great on Android devices with three connection methods. It also supports gaming on a Windows PC and works exactly the same as an Xbox controller.

There is a detachable clip-on phone holder that can be used with the controller as a single unit or as a standalone phone holder on a desk separately. The build quality of the controller exceeded my expectations. That’s mainly because I’ve never used a HyperX gamepad before, and this is the company’s first attempt at a wireless controller on Android. In my opinion, it will be very difficult to be disappointed by this controller. If you’re looking for a wireless controller that works well on Android and PC, don’t miss HyperX Clutch!


  • Textured handles
  • Works for Android and Windows
  • The innovative phone clip design

The inconvenients

  • Lack of compartment for the dongle
  • Buttons are noisy (compared to DualShock 4 and Switch Pro Controller)

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