Ask Giz: Are There More Wheels or Doors?

Ask Giz: Are there more wheels or doors?

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Today’s question comes from KM in Brisbane. KM wants to know: Are there more wheels or doors in the world?

KM also added a brief description: “I believe there are a lot more wheels than doors because of the ‘hidden’ wheels like the wheels on the sliding doors, the wheels on the desk drawers, the wheels on your controller game (to make it vibrate), etc.”

Thank you for your question, KM. We love this question.

If you weren’t aware, “Are there more wheels or doors” has been a bit of a meme for the past three months, peaking in March this year, according to data from Google Trends.

According know your meme, it all started with a Twitter poll. It quickly spread across the internet, with people quickly choosing sides in this fairly innocuous but very cerebral debate.

This debate is pointless. It only serves to go viral and offers nothing of substance beyond its own argument-centric existence.

…Let’s go.

Are there more wheels or doors in the world?

There’s no answer. There is no way to answer this question objectively today, by getting data from every country and counting the number of wheels versus the number of doors. Not only does this data not exist, but it also raises questions about the nature of how we perceive definitive objects.

Here is The Guardian on this issue:

“Humanity potentially has the resources to perform a comprehensive global audit of the doors and wheels of the world. But none of us, as long as we live, will ever possess the ability to ask a dog what kind of pants he would prefer. theoretically bear. The question itself is a fool’s errand. So, despite humanity’s inherent need for objective truth, there can never be a conclusive answer – to this, or indeed to many debates dumbest people on the internet. And that’s ultimately why we love them.”

You see, one thing we all agree on is that there is a lot wheels and doors on Earth. There are so many of them that one can glance briefly at an object and immediately identify it as a “wheel” or a “door”, but since this argument is an ideological trap, one is only deepen.

We start by thinking about common touchstones: for many, these are vehicles, which include both doors and wheels. We’re starting to justify our positions based on popular claims that most vehicles have more wheels than doors (thinking specifically of vehicles that might not have doors or only have two on one four-wheel axle).

It’s not exclusive to the wheel side of the argument, however. Truthbringers can claim that there are more doors, based on apartment buildings or door-heavy buildings in cities.

These two arguments are easily defused by either side: does a house have more doors than the car and the bicycles in its garage? How many downtown apartment renters actually have cars in their parking lots?

As we go deeper and deeper, we begin to question the nature of our reality (the nature of wheels and doors). What is a door if not a lever? What is a wheel if not a rotating forcemany definitions of which we can apply and many of which are hidden in innocuous objects like desks and game controllers (as KM said earlier)?

And when we start to think about the operations of these objects, we also question their substance. Some doors (sliding in particular) are equipped with wheels. This is the argument from former Gizmodo Australia writer Lavender Baj:

“Almost every type of machinery involves some kind of wheel. So we not only include the wheels (and tires) of every car, bus, plane, trailer and every other motor vehicle, but we also have to consider of every sliding door or drawer on wheels, as well as every other rogue wheel in our lives – like the scroll wheel on your computer mouse.

I’m sorry, KM, but I can’t provide you with an answer to this question. Not simply for lack of information, but in response to the nature of the question itself. It’s the perfect question to get mad at a friend, but it’s also one that might get you going in circles.

I encourage you, dear reader, not to think too much about it. For your own good.

You can’t handle the truth

So. The answer is what your overly argumentative friend at 1 a.m. can shout effectively. If you want us to answer the meaning of life or, by any chance, what is a cat’s favorite shade of purple, you can submit your burning question here. But please try something we can Actually answer.

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