Dyson V12 review: is laser cleaning worth the price?

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Move into anew apartment first time alone, I only brought with me a robot vacuum cleaner. I had other vacuum cleaners when I lived with roommates, which they owned, but I thought a breathing machine because just me would be enough.

This was not the case. As a fan of robot vacuums that I am, I have to admit that they have their limits. Since they’re disc-shaped, they can’t get into corners and you can’t put the suction on exactly what you want to vacuum. As awesome as my robot vacuum is, I knew I needed a broom vacuum cleaneralso, to really clean my apartment.

Walk in Dyson V12 Detect Slim Absolute Extra ($1,349), a cordless vacuum that comes with two cleaning heads, five tools, and, amazingly, lasers that show off microscopic dust. Given that the Dyson cordless range starts at $399 for the Dyson V7 Motorhead Origin and goes all the way up to $1,549 for the Full detection of the Dyson V15this V12 is on the high end.

Dyson V12 slim detection
Image; Dyson

configure it

The vacuum came in a large cardboard box full of parts. I followed his instructions and assembled it easily. There was a dock I could fit into the wall for the vacuum to rest against when not in use or a charger but, because I live in a rental, I decided against it. install and keep the vacuum cleaner in a closet.

I scanned a QR code from my phone, which took me to a video that showed me exactly how to assemble the vacuum and get it started. I also realized that while I was using it and got an error message that I didn’t understand, Dyson has countless support and troubleshooting videos on YouTube for all of its products. As a self-proclaimed non-techie, I found this resource reassuring.

How well did it clean?

As I mentioned, I definitely needed to vacuum areas that my robot vacuum couldn’t clean. The first place I used the vacuum was on my jute rug, which I was almost ready to give away – it was so dirty. The vacuum however sucked up all the dirt on it and it became usable (I still use it).

Dyson v12
Picture: Dyson

Saying that, though, I’m sure any stick vacuum would have sucked up its dirt. What makes the Dyson V12 Detect Slim different – well, one of many things – is its laser beams. Yes, they look cool and futuristic, and, yes, you can vacuum in the dark using it (which I did one day just to test), but more importantly, you can see all the dust particles you are about to vacuum up. I had no idea how dusty my floors were until I used it.

I also really liked the lightness of the vacuum cleaner (it weighs 2.2 kg) and the mobility of its handle. I could put it under tables and even under my dusty nightstand. The touchless trash can emptying was also excellent, as I took the lid off my trash can and emptied the contents of the vacuum cleaner (So. Much. Hair) directly into the trash can.

Is it worth the price?

Like many Dyson products, the V12 Detect Slim Absolute Extra is more expensive. But like the brand’s other products, it’s also an investment. You get what you pay for, which is cutting-edge technology that’s easy to use, built to last for years, and most importantly, lots of help when things go wrong.

Picture: Dyson

If you can’t figure out the problem by watching one of the many troubleshooting videos on YouTube, you can take it to a Dyson demo store (there are two in Sydney) or a Dyson service center (there are branches in Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney) and ask them for help.

So, is the V12 Detect Slim Absolute Extra worth it? If you’re going to spend on a Dyson vacuum, it’s a good bet. It looks sleek and is packed with useful tech and accessories that make cleaning a whole lot easier and more fun, but it’s still not the most expensive of the brand’s vacuum cleaners.

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