Access solution ensures student safety

Y Suites offers purpose-built student accommodation (PBSA) in several cities across Australia. The company is focused on wellness and creating a lifestyle conducive to learning, friendships and fun. They go out of their way to deliver.

With student experience and well-being in mind, it was essential that these multi-site developments have a robust, operationally efficient and integrated electronic access control (EAC) system.

The Goal: Ensure student safety in a way that enhances the student experience (seamless, convenient) and benefits the business (reduced operational costs, increased efficiency, oversight, and security ).

Why so soft?

Y Suites is developed and owned by Wee Hur Capital of Singapore, with the core mission of “providing a home for our students”.

Facilities at Y Suites are impressive, including communal kitchens and lounges, meeting rooms, a sky lounge, music and dance studios, gym and yoga facilities, and more. Y Suites ensures that all the amenities a student could dream of are at your fingertips.

The challenge facing Y Suites then was to find an electronic access control technology capable of meeting a set of operational, integration and security requirements.

▲ SALTO’s access control technology has helped Y Suites provide an exceptional level of security and quality of life for its students.

In the end, the SALTO solution was selected, as development manager Wing Fai said: “In order to fulfill our duty of care, we need to be able to monitor and control how buildings, single rooms and shared facilities are accessible. We need a system that gives our students easy access, while allowing us to keep them safe.

“The system should allow us to automate processes and manage installations remotely in order to control costs without compromising service quality. We are very environmentally conscious and therefore also need to manage energy consumption and reduce the environmental footprint of our buildings.

“All of this means we need an EAC partner with innovative technology, the ability to integrate with our PMS (property management system) and a national and international presence. led to choose SALTO.

SALTO’s Living Areas Manager for Oceania, Cedric Duigou, describes the solution designed by SALTO for the Y suites: “We used a range of different SALTO technology elements, integrated into a single, easy-to-manage system that controls access to the base building and all shared and individual spaces, via a combination of wireless and wired access points.

“The system is fully integrated with RMS (the PMS). This integration streamlines student registration, with student details captured once and shared between RMS and SALTO. »

▲ Y Suites uses a range of different SALTO technology elements, integrated into a single, easy to manage system.

Wing Fai said SALTO has made a significant contribution to building and promoting the Y Suites brand in Australia

“We wanted our facilities to focus primarily on student well-being and experience, and SALTO’s innovative access control technology has helped us provide an exceptional level of security and quality of life for our students. .

“Of course we also needed to be able to run our properties and operations efficiently, SALTO’s online monitoring and control, battery operated locks, mobile keys and PMS integration all help reduce our overhead. management and our energy expenditure.”

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