Fans Baffled By Massive CS: GO Inventory Worth Over $2 Million Is Stolen

A CS:GO inventory filled with premium and rare gun and knife skins is certainly a source of pleasure for an owner. That being said, the owner also has to spend a lot to get such a diverse collection in the popular tactical FPS. Now imagine all of that disappearing!


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Over $2,000,000 worth of CS:GO skins were allegedly hacked and stolen from a player’s account a week ago. According to the informant, the stolen objects are continuously resold on commercial platforms.


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In CS:GO, players can purchase and collect a wide variety of gun skins, knife skins, sprays, and more. Additionally, a gun skin has a rarity and condition rating that affects its value. It takes a lot of time and money to build such an expensive collection.

Hacked CS:GO Player’s Inventory Contained Legendary Skins

According to the Twitter user, ohnePixelHFB (Steam Name: Caseapia) had the most expensive inventory full of legendary items in gaming history. CS: GO.

As mentioned by ohnePixel, the inventory included legendary skins like Souvenir Dragon Lores, No-Star Karambit, and #1 Blue Gems. Caseapia, like others, had set its premium inventory to private.

ohnePixel urged any Valve official to help Caseapia as the hacker is still siphoning inventory. While the alleged intruder quickly sold half the skin, he sent the other half to his Steam account and these are currently on hold.

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It’s surprising that a game like CS:GO on a platform like Steam can’t counter such a situation. As many have pointed out, Steam endorses two-factor authentication to secure accounts. Additionally, CS:GO imposes a 7-day trade suspension when a player logs in from a new device.

It turns out that Caseapia’s account was compromised a week ago. He wasn’t active in the game so didn’t notice the email and password change.

Many collectors now point out how easy it is to break into a CS:GO account.

Will Valve be able to fix this problem?

As long as the situation is serious, the Steam or CS:GO teams probably won’t be able to help Caseapia recover their entire inventory. ohnePixel keep hope alive for Caseapia as some of the gun skins are still waiting for sale. Valve may actually be able to reclaim some of its inventory if it considers the request.

In fact, Valve previously removed hacked skins from inventory, even if players buy them with real money. As it happens, hackers tend to trade skins on platforms like Buff, and if suspected, Valve will take action.

Additionally, some have pointed out that Valve may have manually banned suspected buyers of Caseapia’s skins.


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Valve hasn’t publicly responded to the mess, so we can’t confirm the above ban cases. Neither has ohnePixel Updated fans regarding the current situation. Finally, Valve must ensure that the hacker faces the consequences of their wrongdoing.


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Gun and knife skins don’t give players any winning advantage in CS: GO. However, they make up some of the most scintillating CS:GO inventories. It’s really nice to kill these counter-terrorist or terrorist kills with an equally fascinating and deadly weapon.

We hope Caseapia recovers at least some of its inventory!

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