One Woman’s $2.2 Million Home Office Idea

A young woman shared how she turned a home office idea into a thriving $2.2 million business in less than four years.

A young woman turned a business she ran for free from her home office into two $2.2 million media agencies in less than four years.

Talia Datt, 26, from Melbourne, is the founder of The Social and Content CliQ, two agencies specializing in digital marketing.

But in 2018, she found herself in a bind that many young Australians face in life and was unsure what she wanted to do.

Ms. Datt took a job as an insurance administrative assistant thinking her future was in the corporate sector, but she soon realized that something had to change.

“Within about two months, I really, really didn’t like my job. I realized that was probably not the route for me,” Ms Datt told NewsWire.

For guidance, she gave advice to her father, who told her to take the opportunity to take any path she wanted while she was still young.

It was around this time that she noticed Instagram had changed its features to monetize purchases, which led her to “take the plunge” into digital marketing.

She started her first business, The Social CliQ, from her home office and initially worked for three boutiques for free.

Ms Datt said that although she did not fear failure at the time because her expenses were low and she lived at home, she “felt the pressure to succeed”.

“I felt pressure to succeed because I thought, ‘What am I going to do if this doesn’t work?’ “, she said.

“Back then, all my friends were getting internships and graduate jobs and going the way you’re supposed to go. I felt like I was missing those opportunities.

“But those questions really made me push myself a little bit harder.”

Ms Datt admitted she had a ‘fake until you make it’ attitude as she navigated the ever-changing landscape of digital marketing.

“There were many times when people would ask me questions or prompt me on different topics that I had absolutely no idea about,” Ms Datt said.

“I would go home and Google what I could and sign up for the next online course to keep learning.”

The “most pivotal moment” of her career came when one of the boutiques she worked for sold out 10 chairs in less than a day following an Instagram post she made for them.

“I knew I could make someone else make money, which meant I would have had to charge for my services,” she said.

Since then, The Social CliQ has become one of Australia’s most popular digital marketing agencies and has helped transform the digital footprint of several Fortune 500 companies.

He has worked with major brands like Sundae Body, Dita Von Teese, Sistema, Fujifilm and Made by Fressko, with client sales of $1.5 million in Black Friday/Cyber ​​Monday weekend alone. Last year.

Ms Datt set up her second company, a sister agency called The Content Cliq, to ​​focus specifically on TikTok to capitalize on the app’s growing popularity.

Its agencies are expected to have revenue of $2.2 million for fiscal 2023.

It plans to expand its interstate business later this year and hopes to branch out overseas within five years.

For all these achievements, Ms. Datt was named this year to the Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia list for Media, Marketing and Advertising.

“It was such an honor to be nominated, honestly I still can’t believe it. I check the website daily to make sure my name is still there,” Ms Datt said.

“I stand among incredible entrepreneurs and it’s a huge honor to be on this list.”

On the advice she would give to other young Australians who are unsure of what they want to do in life, Ms Datt said to “try everything”.

“If there’s not a huge associated loss, then just give it a try,” she said.

“You have this opportunity while you’re young without other huge responsibilities to put yourself forward.”

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