The 2025 BMW X3 spied for the first time

The next BMW X3 has been spotted in Europe with M petrol or diesel, ahead of the first Australian arrivals due from late 2024.

The next generation BMW X3 2025 The midsize SUV was first filmed, more than two years before the first examples rolled off the production line.

Taken by Discs spy photography partners in Europe, the next generation of BMW Australia the best-selling model appears to be slightly larger than the vehicle it replaces, ensuring a gap between the X3 and its smaller, front-wheel drive X1 brother and sister.

Despite wearing heavy camouflage, the new X3 (codename G45) looks to borrow cues from the flagship XM Super SUVwith nearly square “kidney” grille surrounds, a clean shoulder line that follows the window line, wide rear haunches and a tall rear pillar (D-).

Flush door handles feature – as with the 4 Series Gran Coupé and other recent BMW models – as well as one-piece headlights, ensuring that the split lights of the 7 Series and X7 remain exclusive to BMW’s flagship offerings.

The quad exhaust tips in the rear bumper indicate that this prototype could be an X3 M – or, more likely, the next-gen “M Performance” variant, which insiders say will bear the moniker X3 M50i (rather than M40i today).

The interior of the upcoming X3 isn’t visible in these spy photos, but the inclusion of BMW’s latest iDrive infotainment and connectivity tech is just to be expected.

With production not expected to start until mid-2024, the ‘G45’ X3 could be one of the first BMWs to benefit from the next (ninth) generation of iDrive – as new versions of iDrive are usually released. every two to three years, and the current iDrive 8 system launching in 2021.

According to BMW insidersthe next X3 will retain a choice of traditional petrol and diesel engines, but the focus will be more on electrified drivetrains, hybrids and, most likely, a new electric iX3.

It’s expected to remain on a rear-drive platform, possibly an evolution of the X3’s current CLAR architecture – which will be almost a decade old by the time the new G45 X3 starts rolling off the production line.

BMW is developing a new ‘Neue Klasse’ architecture for bespoke electric cars only, including one in the mid-size car segment – but it remains to be seen how that fits in with the petrol- and diesel-powered 2025 X3.

A new X3 M will be on offer, and it’s sure to offer some form of electrification, either mild-hybrid, plug-in hybrid or fully electric – as this year’s new M2 coupe will be BMW M’s last non-electrified model.

Above: The current BMW X3, in PHEV and electric versions.

Today’s BMW X3 can be fitted with a range of four- and six-cylinder turbocharged petrol and diesel engines, delivering up to 285kW/500Nm in the 3.0-litre petrol X3 M40i – at the exclusion of the X3 M Competition with 375 kW/650 Nm.

The next generation BMW X3 2025 is due to enter production in August 2024, according to company insiders online – exactly seven years after the current ‘G01’ model – which would mean an Australian launch before the end of 2024.

Fans of sleeker designs will be pleased to hear that a new X4 “coupe” SUV is reportedly in the works, with production due to begin in December 2025, indicating an Australian launch in the first half of 2026.

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