Mom who loves Aldi shares how she saves $15,000 a year on food

A budget-conscious mum has revealed her top tips for feeding her family for just $3.50 a head — and it’s surprisingly easy.

With the cost of living skyrocketing, we’re looking for all those money-saving tips and tricks to help us keep a little more of our hard-earned cash in our pocket.

For mum from Melbourne Alison saidher biggest budget revelation came two years ago when she started meal prepping in an effort to save a few extra bucks and reduce food waste.

But the gain has been so dramatic that it’s since become a ‘way of life’ – and now her family is saving $15,000 a year.

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“I started cooking meals in 2020 when I was on maternity leave,” she said.

“I was really motivated to become a better cook for my kids, provide them with meals they would actually eat, while saving money for my family.

“It’s become a way of life and it’s saved us about $15,000 a year.”

Before starting to prepare and plan meals, the mother said she would spend at least $250 a week on groceries and an additional $150 a week on takeout, bringing her total to $400 a week. week.

She now only spends $100 a week on food, which has saved her $15,000 a year.

At just $100 a week, Alison spends $14.20 a day to feed her family, which equates to $3.57 per person.

Alison said some of the best savings started when she started bargain shopping at Aldi, which she says offers some of the best discounts compared to other supermarket chains.

“I always buy everything I can from Aldi first, because the prices are always cheaper.

“Anything I can’t get from here I’m going to browse the weekly specials of Coles and Woolworth to see if they have what I need

“If you check the catalogs before and make a solid plan, it can save you loads.”

The finance professional said it can be easy for anyone to start saving a little extra cash when shopping for food each week with a few simple tweaks to their routine.

With these helpful hacks, Alison assures it won’t be long before you start noticing a difference in how much you can save.

“I never pay full price and always scour the catalogs for bargains,” she explained.

“I will always stockpile meat at a discount and buy in bulk from the market. We also use a vacuum sealer to keep our meat in the freezer longer.

“Shop at the local fruit and veg stores and also buy seasonal produce as it’s much cheaper.”

“If you have unused bread that is nearing its expiration date, freeze it. Use for lunchbox sandwiches or toast,” she continued.

“I regularly organize my pantry, fridge and freezer, to create more space for bulk purchases and to easily see what we already have and not waste food.

“Cut fruits and vegetables in advance, it will save you the temptation to order takeout.

Mom also keeps her family meals simple and economical, as she often prepares meals in advance to save time and money later.

“Dishes like spaghetti bolognese, baked pasta and nachos are always cheap and go well.

“I also like to make homemade pies and will buy a rotisserie chicken to use for the wraps. Leftovers can be saved for future meals.

“Simple sandwiches that kids can take to school save time and money, and I will also incorporate leftovers from dinner to fill their lunch boxes.

“I can still make my kids’ lunches exciting and colorful on a budget.”

Alison’s final two tips for parents trying to save money in stores are simple.

“Never go shopping when you’re hungry and try to leave the kids at home if you can,” she said. “It’s better not to be rushed and distracted because that will save you from throwing everything you can into the cart just to quickly get out with your screaming toddler.”


1. Don’t buy full price if you can avoid it, always wait until it’s on sale

2. Stock up on certain foods like meat when it’s on sale and freeze it for later

3. Shop local green grocers for a better deal on fruits and vegetables

4. Invest in a sous vide machine to keep food fresh longer

5. Never go shopping on an empty stomach

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