Fall Guys: Tips for Every Survival Stage

Survival rounds depend on your skills to survive your opponents, so you always have to have a strategy.

While rushing towards an objective or scoring points is a very clear objective that requires you to take action, sometimes Fall Guys rounds are more about outlasting your competition. These survival rounds are all about game launch challenges and waiting for enough people to mess up and get knocked out.

That means they’re not like a race stage, where you can see how many people are in front of you at any time. Depending on what other players are doing, these rounds can end in seconds or last until a timeout. So you need to know how to protect yourself when the whole world is literally against you. We have all the tips and tricks in store to help you survive.

Big Shots – Avoid Edges

This trick is one of the easier survival tricks, and it’s not uncommon to see it expire because everyone has done such a good job of surviving. When dodging incoming projectiles, just make sure to stay clear of the edge of the seesaw at all times. If he dives too far in either direction, the ends will go under the mud and take you out. If you’re too close to the back, the slightest hit will send you out, and if you’re too close to the front, the catchers will ruin your day.

Block Party – Be Quick, Think Ahead

In this round, patterns of blocks will slowly sweep across the platform, knocking down anyone who doesn’t stray from their path. Again, you need to position yourself as close to the middle as possible to give yourself room for error. You must have no hesitation in your movements, especially towards the end of the round when the obstacles multiply and follow one another.

Hoverboard Heroes – Be Slow, Be Careful

Although this round has a goal line for players to cross, it is not a race, so there is no need to rush to be first over the line. As in many Fall Guys games, you’ll find that each obstacle is easily dodged when tackled in isolation. The only time you need to move here is right at the end when you need to do a bit of low-gravity platforming, but the rest of the time take a deep breath and take it all in as you go.

Jump Club – Follow the Beam

This trick is nice and simple, jumping over the beam as it spins. At first he moves very slowly, so you can run around the circle after him to avoid having to jump. Once it picks up speed your best bet is to stand still and wait for the beam to come your way, just watch out for people trying to grab you and stop you from jumping.

Perfect match – Fruit is all that matters

It’s a much slower game where you have to memorize the fruit as it appears. There are many simple memory techniques, but just try to remember the location of one of each fruit to find your space point. If you end up screwing it up and can’t remember, just follow the crowd, most people know what they’re doing in this game.

Deployment – ​​Stay Central

With five sections of the map you pay with, you might be tempted to use them all, but you don’t need to. It’s best to avoid using the ones at the very edge unless you absolutely have to, as they only give you one path. Instead, stay as close to the center as possible and make sure to constantly switch rolls.

Snowball Survival – Watch the balls

It seems obvious, but if snowballs are the things that come hitting you, keep them within sight at all times. The icy floor is inconvenient, but there’s plenty of safe space you can use. If you want to try something a little more risky, you can try following one of the bullets. This will ensure that you are never hit, but you can easily lose track of each other in the process, which could have disastrous consequences.

Stompin’ Ground – Run!

While standing still can help you track the rhinos, it won’t help you avoid them. If you go for a walk, the rhinos will hit you before you are out of the way. If you get stuck, a dive can save your life. If you stay on the edge, you have more time to dodge the rhinos, but any hits will result in an elimination. Instead, you can try standing in the middle where you’ll have less reaction time, but a higher chance of recovery.

Sum Fruit – Write it down

It’s a much harder memory game because your targets are constantly moving. You need to count the number of each fruit, then head to the platforms that appear in the center of the map. You will be shown a number and you have to stand on the fruit that had the same number as the one on the screen. It’s a pain, and unlike Perfect Match, you can’t rely on the crowd to save you, so keeping a scoreboard handy is the best way to go.

Written by Ryan Woodrow on behalf of GL HF.

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