10 Best Dragon Pokemon, Ranked

Dragon-types are a powerful group. We’ve ranked the ten best Dragon Pokémon.

Dragons are an inherently powerful type. Not only are they often hidden in the late game, but most of them seem to be able to reduce your house to rubble in seconds. On top of that, a large portion of Legendary Pokemon are Dragon-type, as are the vast majority of Pseudo-Legendaries. In Generation 6, they were considered so powerful that the Fairy type was introduced just to balance it out.

So what makes a good Dragon Pokémon? In short, they should be able to kick ass and watch the game while they do it. Even if they lack power, there is a certain aura around the best Dragon types; they look at you as if they know they are better than you. Even when they’re just a little apple.


It’s mind-boggling that this is only the second Ghost/Dragon Pokémon in existence. Giratina showed just how awesome they can be, and now Dragapult has come to hammer home that point. I could talk about his great stats or his unique design, but let’s just focus on the fact that he shoots his pre-evolutions with cannons on his head.


You wouldn’t think a seahorse could be so terrifying, but Kingdra will quickly put you in your place. It manages to be thin and light while feeling overwhelmingly powerful thanks to the sprawling nature of its fins and ears. Not to mention, with powerful water and ice moves under his belt, very little can stand against him.

Latios and Latias

It seems unfair to separate the Lati twins on this list given the similarity in their designs. They incorporate the idea of ​​a modern airplane without simply being an airplane with a face. A ton of character exudes from their looks. With just a glance, you can see Latias’ younger playful nature as well as Latios’ quiet confidence, it’s a masterclass in how to create engaging Pokemon.


Altaria proves that Dragon-types can still look cute and still wield terrifying power. Bulk is the name of Altaria’s game, and once it’s set up, nothing breaks through that wall. It will sit there and slowly nibble at anything you place in front of it until it is victorious. He does all of this while being an adorable blue bird with more flakes than you could ever ask for.


Nagangel is arguably the perfect Ultra Beast. It’s got that otherworldly look, and it doesn’t fit in with the other Pokemon, and yet it’s still an undeniably fantastic design. The different shades of purple make him stand out in the crowd, and the sharpness of his wings is reminiscent of the death of something like Crobat. If the rest of the Ultra Beasts took a leaf out of Naganadel’s book, they would be viewed much more favorably today.


Salamence has risen and fallen over the years. It always seemed cool, but many other Pokemon, especially pseudo-legendaries, stole its thunder for many years. Eventually he fought back with a Mega-Evolution that was popular in the competitive scene for an entire generation, and since then he’s gotten the respect he deserves.


Any argument against Rayquaza is negated by the fact that in Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire you ride on his back in space, through a meteor. No matter how (awesome) it looks, or how (very) loud it is, it’s just too cool for you.


Our final stop at the legendary corner, Dialga is the lord of time, and he sure looks like it. The royal blue is very attractive and contrasts with the bright red eyes that probably see in more dimensions than we can count. Then you have his armor, which increases his cool factor, and a shiny diamond in the middle of his chest. Perfection.


If even the smallest detail on Noivern was different, it would probably look really stupid, but as it stands, every part of his design is in perfect balance to make him look fantastic. Purple and light blue aren’t colors that should work together, but with just enough black to separate them, this design works regardless.


A land shark that would tear you to pieces before you even reach for your Pokéball, Garchomp is all great about Dragons. It’s powerful, intimidating, and he knows it. The blue gives it a cool look, while the red and yellow make it stand out, drawing attention to all of its sharpest and most terrifying features.

Written by Ryan Woodrow on behalf of GL HF.

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