Every Spooky Detail We Know About 2022’s ‘Apex Legends’ Fight or Fright Event

October is herewhich means it’s time to embrace the spooky season. Take one pumpkin spice latteWatch a horror movieand sit down with Apex Legends. The battle royale is ready to embrace Halloween with the return fight or be scared event, bringing limited-time game modes and skins. Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming spooktacular.

Apex Legends 2022 Fight or Fright Event Dates

Recurrence brings an entire month of content for players to celebrate the spooky season. From October 4, Summit players can enjoy everything Fight or Fright has to offer until the event ends on November 1st.

What Apex Legends game modes are coming to Fight or Fright 2022?

Fight or Fright’s signature game mode, Shadow Royale, will return in 2022. As a reminder, Shadow Royale is a special version of the traditional threesomes mode where any defeated legend reappears as a shadow. Shadows can run up walls, double jump, revive allies, and deal bonus melee damage. Other Shadows drop with a punch and spawn endlessly until their entire team is eliminated. It turns Summit in a high octane game of knocking out other teams and not dying to what’s essentially overpowered hordes of zombies.

Shadow Royale will take place on the new Olympus After Dark map, which turns the typical map into a nightmarish land with a blood moon hanging in the sky and stranger things-esque tendrils take up residence on buildings. Players can participate in Shadow Royale during the first and last week of Fight or Fright.

In addition to Shadow Royale, fans can expect to play Gun Run and Control game modes on spooky maps. Here is the full schedule of Fight or Fright limited time game modes:

  • October 4 to October 11: Shadow Royale on the Olympus After Dark map
  • October 11 to October 18: Gun Run on Estates After Dark, Skulltown, and Fragment East
  • October 18 to October 25: Check on the lava siphon, barometer and labs after dark
  • October 25 to November 1: Shadow Royale on Olympus After Dark

What are the Apex Legends Fight or Fright 2022 rewards?

Six new skins are available for purchase.EA

Halloween is nothing without a few sick costumes, and Fight or Fright gives Legends a myriad of shiny new outfits. The Halloween Sale will run throughout the event, so players have until November 1 to grab one of the new skins.

The six new skins are:

  • Inner Demon (Ash)
  • Bladed Wanderer (Seer)
  • Steampunk Speedster (Octane)
  • Static peak (Wattson)
  • Deadly Teddy (Revenant)
  • So serious (caustic)

There are also two event-specific charms, Hugs Please and Trick-or-Treat.

Are there any returning skins from previous years of Fight or Fright?

Some fan-favorite skins will return for the Halloween event.EA

Respawn is bringing back a massive collection of some of the best skins from years past. Unlike this year’s new skins, old skins will not be available throughout the Fight or Fright event. In week one, October 4-11, players will be able to purchase the much-loved Voidwalker skin for Wraith which resembles a sleek spacesuit in Mass Effect.

During the second week of Fight or Fright, from October 11 to 18, players can purchase the Memoir Noir skin for Pathfinder. As the name suggests, it transforms the brave robot into a 30s robot detective with a trench coat-inspired outfit topped with a fedora.

During the last two weeks of the event, from October 18 to November 1, there will be a much wider selection of old skins and items to collect before Fight or Fright ends. In total, there are 15 returning bundles which include Legends skins, gun skins, and frames to customize player banners.

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