Trombone, the greatest ever meme game for the planet, has a rhythm title titled — The giant giant brass slide whistle. With an addictive freeform game, in which a mouse is all you need to complete the game and simulate the toot-toot, the play is perfectly balanced with some entertaining and sometimes even truthful lore about trombone history.

Supergolf champions play Trombone Champ with realgolf bands – GameSpot

It’s the latest meme game with the world before you, in this case the Clown Trombone, a rhythm track all about the titular giant brass whistle. The addictive free-form gameplay, where a mouse is all you need to simulate the toot-toot, is perfectly balanced with lots of entertaining and sometimes even real-life knowledge about the history of the trombone. That’s why the most dedicated gamers turn real paperclips into game controllers.

As with the PCGamer video, at least a handful of gamers aimed for realism beyond their desire to be able to draw game controls on real instruments, or as a result of singing the music. Dan Lew simply put the games control on his PC, played a real trombone in his room, and got the games control to play the pitch and turn on the sound when the sound played.

Someone did this, and today I’m something: Trombone Champion played with a trombone.

Dan Lew (@danlew42) September 24, 2022

It seems the game designers sacrificed real time because they didn’t play the recognizable melody. Twitch streamer Kupobucks finds the upper register of the Trombone Champs nearly impossible to hit. Since real trombones rarely go more than an octave above middle C, game developers need to create an efficient method to transpose songs from games with real manageable effect.

@HolyWowStudios please add “pro mode” or fix game plskthx XD

Kupobucks (@kupobucks) September 22, 2022.

Rudeism, a popular phrase in the very specific world of goofy custom games, did just that. His version uses an ultrasonic sensor and microphone to find a real paperclip slide and was printed using in-game controls, so lag will be eradicated and more consistent movement will be noticed.

Having a sound, the TROMBONE CONTROLLERULtrasonic sensor controls the slide and the hysterical effects can be felt. If only I knew how to play it IRL The ultimate way to play Trombone Champ @HolyWowStudios

Rudeism September 27, 2022.

This is less than ideal, as the system can only use slightly less than half the full range of motion of real trombones, and therefore its actual musical range. Another reason is that Rudeism really struggles to keep up with the ratings the game fires at the player. It’s probably a combination of factors. First, the true trombone player must play an authentic hard instrument to reproduce the sound of the game without having to suffer from hypoxia. And second, the music in the game is mastered more in a melodic trumpet style, not the typical tenor-baritone role. One can play with a trombone in the orchestra and the jazz musical.

That doesn’t stop many other players from getting their shots. The ever-popular Arduino is a good place to start: Greig Stewart created a tiny mock paper clip out of a kazoo, so he only needs to have a camera and microphone to pick up input. Regardless of whether the sound of a kazoo is the happiest of the Trombone Champs style.

A kazoo version, I used a tow controller and a microphone. Full video coming soon! @HolyWowStudios

Greig Stewart (@ThereminHero) September 25, 2022

The real trombonist (non trombonist) Hung Truong might be able to solve some of the transposition problems of playing in the form of a soprano trombone and a musical tone with which he achieves a trumpet closer to a bass. He used an esp32 microcontroller, an air pressure sensor and an air sensor to draw symmetry with a system that combines some of the above techniques. The air pressure sensor really works to put the trombones under control.

For a detailed breakdown of his music and computer science process, see the full video here. His technique probably combines the most realism with musically accurate scale of all of these attempts, but it’s certainly difficult even for a real musician to keep the beat. He is working on a second version with more precise sensors.

This DIY guide and instructions can replicate all of the above, such as Github, the microphone input system. Of course, buying a $500 instrument and custom components to play a game of memes might not be the wisest way to spend your disposable income.

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